That’s the south, that’s Savannah, GA. My home away from home. In one city you can find ghosts, “carry-out” cups (for booze), lots of Irish on St. Patty’s, shrimp po-boys, beignets, pralines, beautiful trees decorated by Spanish moss, Tybee Beach and of course the clown without a costume making heart balloons in the square (smelling an awful lot like St. Patty’s day leftover). I’d say that’s a city oozing character.
It’s always a good visit with my dad and brothers, this time was no exception. It sure helps that Em is completely enamoured with her Ton-Ton Pierre and Ton-Ton Rémy, as well as her Papa. Plus they all cook some pretty fantastic meals. Who can complain about a trio of Lasagna?
I think the few in the beginning that are dark and a little frightening need a quick explanation. They are taken on the grounds of my dad’s apartment, The Wilmington Plantation, a converted hotel with some extremely creepy and dark corners.
Here are some of my favourite moments…