Em and I had the house to ourselves last night so we decided to take advantage of a little girl time. Only girls would bring a flower to their pizza picnic in the park. I’m in love with these images and even more excited about the time Em and I spent together. Pizza in the park was a great idea, inexpensive, easy and fun. I decided to treat Em to a little flower for our impromptu photoshoot, picked up from Charmed, being in her store just soothes me, not only are you surrounded by beautiful flowers but also her artistic creations. The pizza was delicious as well, our favourite Hawaiian from Gourmet Pizza.
Admittedly, I have not been good about posting on our 365 blog this year, though I’m doing my best to take a photo every day, it’s the editing and blogging that seems to be a challenge. Regardless, this is day 117 of 365. Enjoy and Happy Friday!