We’ve been on the road for a couple weeks. It was so much fun catching up with family and friends in some of my favourite places. Em was asked to put together a presentation for school since she missed a week. We made this video to go along with the stories she wrote while on the road. We are back home and getting into the swing of things but already missing all of the beautiful faces we saw on our journey.
You will see a collection of images and videos, some images were made by my daughter and I’m so impressed with her young talent. The videos were all documented with my iPhone, photos were captured with iPhone, Nikon D750 and Fuji x100s.
Now that I’m back I will be diving into all the editing from the rest of my winter sessions and look forward to shooting the engagements, families and weddings in the coming weeks and months. I’m pretty excited about 2016 and what it will bring! Stay in the loop with our newsletter and watch for a Mother’s Day celebratory announcement.
Life is all about the little moments, having these pieces of our life captured is the best way for us to remember how much we cherish this time together.

Holownych Family Road Trip 2016 from Alicia Thurston on Vimeo.