We are back! The 365 project has begun and Dave and I are pretty excited about the year ahead. Already on Day 2 yesterday, I was quickly reminded of how difficult it was for me to just take ONE photo. Perhaps that’s a skill that needs refinement. Needless to say, I’m using this blog to post the three choices I didn’t use as my POD (photo of the day) yesterday. If you want to see the “favourite”, head on over to www.threesixfivephotos.com. Dave and I really appreciate all the support we had the first year and hope to intrigue you once again with some more fun images.
As a side note; Mike and I started the HFM Intentional Parenting e-course yesterday and it’s already enticed some deep soul searching. This year is our year to find health, happiness and discover the true meaning of what our own family values stand for. I’m thinking that my 365 project will compliment that journey so that the time spent making these personal photos can be part of the bigger picture.