This blog post is about a couple of things, first I’ll discuss the purpose of the photo shoot and then I’ll get to what the shoot inspired.
The blanket, the most beautiful blanket I have ever laid my eyes on… and I kinda have a thing for blankets! My very good friend Lindsay Nieuwland has always had a knack for creating gorgeous pieces with fabric and after I saw the quilt she made for her son using her hubby’s eclectic collection of t-shirts, I knew I had to discuss an idea with her. I have a bit of an obsession with kids clothing and I’ve definitely spent many hours online browsing, shopping and picking out the perfect outfits for Em for the past three years of her life. Well, the boxes are getting pretty full and who knows if there will be another little girl to wear them down the road. It’s possible so of course the very favourites are still being kept safely in the attic but I figured why not love these clothes in a different way, a timeless way, a way that Em can continue to enjoy them. I carefully chose the clothes that I thought would work together, I designed a couple pieces of fabric using photos and the rest was up to Linds. I was excited… very excited to see what she would create but I never imagined I would get this stunning piece of artwork. I’m so in love with this quilt. Not only do all the details make it so perfectly unique with pockets, frills and flaps that actually open, but I can look at each and every patch and remember pieces of Em’s life. The very first (and only) item of clothing her dad ever bought for her, can you guess which one? (yup, skull and crossbones). The dress she wore for her second Christmas. The trip we made to Florida last February and the heart t-shirt she wore on the beach. The dress she wore for our very first family photo shoot. Memories, it’s so amazing. Thank you Linds for making such a special thing for Em, it will be well loved. Many cuddles will be had snuggled up underneath it and one day when she’s 17 and we are having a bit of girl time, I can reminisce about her childhood. xo

For those interested in commissioning Lindsay to create a one of a kind piece, she will be opening up an online store in the very near future. I will be blogging all about it, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that exciting announcement.

The second part to this is the close-up portrait of my sweet Em’s face. Dave and I have been talking about bringing back for a while now and we are finally going to do it – tomorrow night! My 365 project this year will be the close-up portrait, or at least that’s how it will start, there will be room for me to change my path along the way. It will be the faces of my favourite people, the people who impact my life in so many wonderful ways. I’m really looking forward to opening up this door again and hope you’ll all follow along on our journey this year. Stay tuned…

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January 15, 2013
Gorgeous girl and photography!!!
February 2, 2013
Wow!!! She is absolutely beautiful. Outstanding images. Her eyes are amazing. Some days I wish I had blue eyes like that. But I do enjoy my brown eyes. Keep up the amazing work. Cheers! J

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