From belly to baby to toddler, Alison has been a returning client for a while. The fact that she lives in British Columbia and makes a point to book with me every time she’s in town for a family visit, is truly an honour. Not to mention I get to watch this sweet little thing grow. Heidi is charming, adorable and completely in love with animals. Loving animals is such an endearing quality. You’ll see her reaction as a neighbourhood dog ran past us in the ravine, priceless. Then she gave me the same excitement as she watched pigeons fly in the tunnel. We decided to revisit some of the same spots we shot the maternity session, it was so much fun to reinvent the photos with Heidi this time around.
It was so great to see you both, Alison. Always a pleasure. Hopefully the next visit will be in the summer so I can get a glimpse of how gorgeous Heidi looks in her Pink Tomatina dress.