I always think it’s so romantic when two people meet in high school, fall in love, get married and live a beautiful life together. That is Jaclyn’s story. They met in high school and now have two beautiful children together. Chris and Jaclyn both work full time so they cherish the family time they get together. Their weekends are meant for each other. Whether they are riding their bikes at the cottage, playing hockey on their own backyard rink (classic Canadian family), or snuggled up with popcorn and a movie, these moments are the ones they will remember. Jaclyn and I have known each other through mutual friends for many years, I know she has been following my work for sometime now and I greatly appreciate that support. I was so excited when she won my big website launch contest, I couldn’t wait to take photos of her two blond beauties. YES, I have chosen Em’s future husband. With manners of gold, charming blue eyes and parents who show him all the love in the world, I know he will grow up knowing exactly how to treat the woman he loves. Arranged marriage, sure why not, means Em can focus on everything other than boys until she’s thirty, that’s realistic, right?
Thanks for having some fun with me on a Sunday afternoon. Keep on laughing and enjoying each other. xo