Toronto is a pretty big city but it doesn’t always seem that way. I’m convinced there is only one degree of separation between everyone in Toronto. Referrals and word of mouth are what I count on to increase my business. I believe that hearing about your friends experience is far more convincing than seeing an ad in a magazine so I am so grateful when people pass on my name. My friend Jaclyn, you can see her photos here, gave my name to her friend Christina. Christina and her husband, Ian decided to come out my way for a “fun on the farm” kind of photo shoot. Steckle Heritage Farm is so great for kids, there is so much to see and do. It’s pretty amazing for photographers too, lots of opportunities and great light. Getting back to my story of small worlds, it turns out that Ian went to high school with one of my best friends, and my first year university roommates. Needless to say we had lots to talk about as we share so many of the same friends. Their two beautiful boys were so sweet and we had a great time jumping around in straw.
The month of November is working it’s way into my books as my favourite month for photo shoots!