I didn’t have to ask these guys to smile for the camera, they laughed, giggled and had fun for our entire session! A clear sign of a happy family. These images capture the essence of childhood and life with toddlers in such a dreamy light.
I’ve mentioned The Happy Family Movement before on my blog, if you haven’t checked out their site, I would highly recommend doing so. They are holding an e-course starting in January about Intentional Parenting and we’ve signed up. Leading a happy family life, getting rid of the impatience and replacing it with cuddles sounds like a pretty smart concept.
While documenting the little moments between Lora, Jeff and their sweet girls, I was reminded about The Happy Family Movement. They actively had fun and it wasn’t forced for the camera, it was just a day in their life. Thanks for letting me see a glimpse of your joy, you are all beautiful from the inside out.