It started with a blind date after Andrea noticed Mike in a photo her step-sister had from a music concert. Andrea asked her step-sister, Cassie to get his email address so she could send him a message. One message led to many and soon they were setting up their own blind date. Meeting wasn’t awkward at all, it felt natural, not what you would expect, like they had known each other forever. They went to a movie, chatted over a cup of coffee and wrapped up the night being silly in a playground. That silliness has fuelled their relationship for the past six years.
Andrea and Mike know that laughing together will keep them together. They share everything with each other. They know each other so well they can often tell how the other is feeling simply by looking in their eyes. The communication gets them through their days and the cuddling carries them through the night. Every morning awaking with a smile and every night going to sleep with a kiss. A love so strong, even snow fights end with a warm embrace and a soft kiss.
I’m so excited for their October wedding. Andrea and I have already started a regular texting relationship, I can tell they will become those clients I will happily call friends.
I can’t forget to thank Chris of Click Photography for sending Andrea’s mom, Ann, my way. It’s a great honour to be a part of their wedding day. xo