She loves strawberries and rainy nights, he loves pastries and starry nights. She loves the sound of crunchy leaves under her feet, he loves spotting a deer while fishing by the river. She loves sunshine and romance, he loves the quiet. They both love reading, basketball, the great outdoors and all it’s glory. They both had pet turtles growing up, one named Winki and one Leonardo (remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?). Currently living in a little trailer together until they find a new home, with no cable or internet… it must be LOVE!
Kate and Kyle are the sweetest couple, they just ooze love. I had to ask them how long they had been together because I was sure they were still in the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship, but they’ve been going strong for three years. One glance at these photos and you’ll know what I mean, but the craziest part is that the second the camera went down they would get even cuter together! Not to mention they are both gorgeous from the inside, out. Even their new pup, Fern, is adorable.
This session was so much fun. I drove out to Paisley so that we could explore their town. Then a short drive to the beautiful Sauble Beach for some fun in the sand. Kate and Kyle made it well worth the trip as they got soaked in the water on a very cold night and ended our session with a wrestling match. As she leaned in to him for a kiss, she looked up at me and said, “I want to tackle him so bad!”. I said, “Do it!”. It’s refreshing when my clients are willing to have fun in front of the camera.
When asked the one thing they want to remember about their life right now, they said;
“Our young love and how happy we are. The exciting time of being engaged with a new puppy and starting a family. The simplicity of our lifestyle”.
I can’t wait for their summer wedding next year. Their personalities are going to bring so much character and fun to the day, I am certain it will be one to remember!

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September 28, 2012
Amidst all my happy sobbing I really realized how truly blessed I am to have these two amazing people in my life. Kyle is my brother and Kate my (already) sister (in law). These two are truly as wonderful and joyful as your gorgeous pictures have shown. Just stunning. Thank you for making me be able to share in these moments. xoxoxo
September 29, 2012
I love these two SO much! To my wonderful brother and sister-in-law: May you both be as blessed as you are beautiful, in life and in marriage. I can't wait until we can watch our kids play together like we watch Fern and George play now. I love you both. -Your "Big Brother"
Lisa Baillie
September 30, 2012
You guys are too cute!! I'm very happy for both of you! Welcome to the family Kate.
Amanda (Kieswetter) Finch
October 1, 2012
These pictures are amazing Alicia! Kate and Kyle- you look so happy and in love! Can't wait to celebrate you! xo

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