Remember this stunning couple and their greenhouse? You can check out their maternity session here if you didn’t catch it before. It was also featured on On To Baby!
Melissa and Shawn welcomed a beautiful baby girl on September 24th at 1:28pm. I had the chance to meet her at one week old, sweet as can be!

I always enjoy hearing a new mom tell the story of this kind of love she never knew existed until she met her newborn baby.

Melissa’s words;
Maiya is fantastic. Life with her so far has been an incredible journey. It’s amazing how much of a hold a little 8lb 2oz person can have on you. Since we’re new to the parenting scene there have been moments where you’re overwhelmed with emotions and of course the lack of sleep, but as soon as you look at that perfect little girl it all goes away. I’ve heard friends talk about how in love they are with their little ones and never really understood that feeling until having Maiya. I have honestly shed a few tears just gazing at her or holding her thinking about how perfect she is and how lucky we are to have her. She is the love of our lives.