Gayle’s Story:

My life changed forever on April 4, 2011

With what started as severe bloating, cramping and back aches, gall bladder issues would have been a blessing. I would have even opted for menopause with it, as I was nearing the age of 50, and expecting it to come along in full force at any time now.
But the day that I decided to go to that walk-in clinic, where they sent me to Emergency, would be the dreadful, single most devastating day of my life.
After being admitted, the testing began. From X-Rays, to Ultrasounds, and CT Scan, would prove that my gall bladder, nor menopause were neither of my issues.
“Mrs. Glover, you have cancer” are the exact words that made my life instantly flash before my eyes. I immediately thought that they had made a terrible mistake.
“I am sorry Mrs. Glover” would be the next words out of the Dr’s mouth, which would prove that this is was all terribly true. I have cancer.
3 months later, I was in the Oncologist’s office at Sunnybrook Hospital having my first exam, which would later reveal that I had and Ovarian Tumor. With a further CT Scan, it was confirmed that I had Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.
On July 11, 2011, I underwent a complete hysterectomy, which left some remaining cancer cells still in my stomach. Chemotherapy has been quite the journey –I’m on my 3rd type of medication, and you know what they say… the 3rd time’s a charm! Fingers crossed that this one will work, but the journey still continues.
According to my last CT, the disease had mildly progressed. I continue to keep strong, and surround myself with all of the support I have from all of my family and friends. My grandson’s, daughters, and best friend / lover, James (Who without him I may not have gotten out of bed some days).
This year marks the 3rd year that I will be participating in the Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope. My daughter, Nicole was lovely enough to organize a large number of our friends and family come out to show support and love to those like me, and others who are battling this disease, or have lost the fight.

A huge thank you to Dr. Osbourne, and the Nursing Staff at Sunnybrook Cancer Centre for all of your wonderful work.

As for me I will continue my fight, and remember those who have lost the battle.