Life is busy, so busy in fact that one minute we were skiing the slopes in Ellicottville and enjoying some apres ski cocktails, then the next minute a big ‘ole baby bump appears! So glad I finally got to catch up with this “super deliciously hot pregnant lady” (Dave’s words) before they welcome a sweet little babe into their lives. Of course I’ve seen Dave over the last nine months but he’s just not as cute as Mandy. The love Dave has for Mandy through this phase of their lives was something that had to be captured and it was an honour to be able to do so. We had a great time wandering the little town of St. Jacobs and had superb weather, plus as you can see I was able to borrow a friends tilt/ shift which I am quickly falling in love with. Thanks Shannon!
I’m so excited for the both of you, you are going to be the best mama and daddy. Our Ellicottville Mardi Gras trip this year will be a little different but just as much fun, I know Em will be thrilled to spend the weekend with a baby. Boy or Girl… can’t wait to find out! Love you guys. xo