A beautiful Smiling Eyes session with an inspirational story, take a look.

In Kelly’s words;

You have invasive ductal carcinoma. The sentence that changed my life. At 29, I didn’t even know what carcinoma was. Once it was explained to me that I had an aggressive form of breast cancer and a rare type of tumour, I learned more than I ever wanted to about that word. I remember feeling the hard mass in my right breast, then being told by medical practitioners that it was probably an infection in my duct and not to worry. Getting a mammogram and having an Oncologist look at my xray and say it didn’t look threatening but we’ll do a biopsy anyway. And then getting the call at work. You have invasive ductal carcinoma. And apparently I’d had it for years. That phone call was the start of a very intense and painful round of treatments, starting with a mastectomy, followed by 4 months of aggressive chemotherapy and then 5 weeks of daily radiation treatments. I lost my breast, my hair – I gained about 50 lbs from the steroids used to counteract the effects of chemo. I was advised not to even think about kids for 5 years as with my type of tumour, my prognosis was worse in the first 5 years than it was beyond that. Cancer had travelled to my lymph nodes but thankfully nowhere else as far as they could tell. To paraphrase, if I made it to the 5 year mark, I could then think about having a future. It was a lot for anyone to take in, especially a 29 year old that had never known anyone with cancer, let alone how to deal with this new reality. But I kept going. I looked forward and tried not to dwell on the negative side of it all. That works most days, not all of course, but it has gotten me to where I am now. It’s been over 5 years since that phone call in the summer of 2007. I’ve been through a lot, but I vowed to move on as if I didn’t have this burden on my shoulders. I had reconstructive surgery in 2009. I got married in 2010 to the man of my dreams. And just 1 month ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl; my Annabel. I made a decision to live my life and not worry about how long that would be, just that I make the most of it while I’m here. I look at my girl and long to have a lifetime to spend with her, but really, every day I’m with her is a gift and I’m just thankful to have her here with me. She is a perfect little sweetheart and I’m very blessed to have her in my life, regardless of how long that will be. Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence, it can also be a wakeup call and for me, I’ve chosen to look at it as just another chapter in an otherwise amazing life.

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January 6, 2013
Absolutely beautiful - story, photos and all...
March 2, 2013
What a beautiful little angel. Great photos.

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