I am so excited to share this! First a little side story, I know there have been a lot of personal posts this month and for good reason. I wrapped up 2012 before Christmas, I worked really hard to make sure that everyone had their images, prints, albums and even blog posts to share with family and friends, I completed it all. It felt amazing to know that all of my clients had their photos for the holidays. It also felt pretty great to know that I was coming home to a fresh new start in 2013, nothing left on my desk, no stress or worry about deadlines. That being said, the New Year is here and it’s always a little quieter in January so I have more time to post personal images and stories. This past weekend was a busy one, so will be sharing some new work soon. In the meantime, I’m going to keep sharing more of my family in hopes that no one minds too much.
Back to my excitement over this video. I was researching videographers for a 2013 bride when I came across Wilhelm Wedding Cinema. I have to admit that I’m not all that well versed in the world of videography but when I saw their work, it was love at first site. The stories spoke to me. The creativity and interesting perspectives were unique to anything I’d seen before. I felt like at times I was watching a photograph come to life. Almost instantly, I decided that I wanted to document a little of our family life with Wilhelm. Dwight was happy to come chat with me about my ideas and getting to know him was effortless. All it took was a little David’s Tea and some creative brainstorming and we were on our way to a family video in the making. At first, the idea was to document some ski time in Ellicottville over the holidays, but we were thrown a curve ball with the many feet of snow that hit us down there, the roads were unpredictable. So, instead Dwight and I decided that skating in Kitchener would have to be just as good. It was, the snow that day added to the magic of this moment for us. I am over the moon to have this as another piece of Em’s life, to share with her for years to come. Thanks so much Dwight, for creating a perfect memory within a beautiful piece of artwork!

The Holownychs – A Family Video from Wilhelm on Vimeo.