By nature, I’m not someone who cries in front of people, unless of course I’m watching Parenthood, that show gets me every time. The love that beamed from Kate and Tom during their ceremony was enough to have me holding back a waterfall. The whole congregation was filled with love, it moved me. I know that through Kate and Tom’s hardships, they found each other and it’s for that reason that they will always hold on to each other.
It was a stunning Thanksgiving wedding. A perfectly intimate day, thoughtful details and the best place for bride preparation photos that I’ve experienced to date! The Wycliffe College library offered an eclectic backdrop for all of the sweet, vintage details. Seeing as the college is where Kate and Tom met, getting married there was fitting. I’ve also heard that Tom’s worldly possessions consist of a bunch of great Theology books.
Kate’s dad married them, his words could move mountains. Kate’s three gorgeous children stood up their with her and happily welcomed this warm man into their hearts.
Kate and Tom – you both have beautiful souls, thank you for sharing them with me. Here’s to a lifetime filled with joy!
A special thank you to my awesome assistant, Hope! You were amazing to come all the way from Collingwood to help me out.

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October 26, 2012
Alicia--you're incredible. I am so impressed and happy. Love them all. You did a gorgeous job buddy.

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