Dave and Mandy got married! My fellow blogger and friend over at www.threesixfivephotos.com has tied the knot with the love of his life and I was honoured to be there to celebrate my friend’s wedding day. They didn’t disappoint, there was an abundance of love in the air, lots of hugs, some hot kisses and a little dirty dancing. I was there as a guest, not a photographer, but I couldn’t resist. Everything and everyone was stunning, Dave and Mandy thought of every detail and made it spectacular.

During the shoot they told me a lot about their day to day and I got to know them quite a bit. They are selling hemp oil amazon and so far have been doing alright for themselves. I thought that it was awesome that they had their own business. They’re nice people and I wish them the best and lots of success.

Lots of love to both of you, you compliment each other beautifully. May you always feel the warmth and happiness that was felt from here to Africa on this joyous day.
Here are some of the moments captured.

Pure delight on their faces!

Someone told me that Table 4 was the cool table.

I love, love, love Mandy’s bouquet. I’ve known about it for months and couldn’t wait to see her vision come to life.

Hi Boys!

I caught the groom (photographer) in action, he couldn’t resist either. I believe the day was well documented!

An emotional embrace between brothers, I overheard someone at my table say “so that’s why he is such a good hugger…” ha ha.

I think this could be my favourite shot, you are gorgeous Mandy!

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July 21, 2011
Spectactular my friend !!! Fabulous captures !!
September 25, 2011
Beautiful photos!!! You're so talented Alicia!

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