My Starbucks bride, we had our first meeting at a Second Cup, both unsure of what to order as a small, medium and large just didn’t make sense in our venti world! That was the first tell tale sign that we were a good match. Then when I saw her invitations and she told me she made them herself, I knew I was in for a treat with a fellow creative mind. Christine is detail oriented and thought of every way in which she could make her wedding day truly individual and unique. From handmade rings they worked on together in a jewelry class to the bike ride exit at the end of their reception, everything was beautiful. She incorporated the important things, the first piece of jewelry Ken bought for her was a gold pin, Christine found a way to work it with her necklace. The felt boutonnieres were fun and something that can be kept by all the important people present for their celebration. The Canadian wine and mason jars, the Chinese traditions during the reception, all of it a reflection of their lives together. The day was simply delightful and for all you DIYers out there, take a look at Christine and Ken’s day for tons of wonderful inspiration!
Congrats to the both of you, thanks for having me document the joy.