Oh Katie and Dave, this day was something special! I knew the day would be filled with love, that was obvious. I expected beauty and elegance. Without a doubt, I knew people would laugh. The unexpected was the sheer magnificence of Whistle Bear and that stunning white room, wow. More so, the highlight of the night of course, Katie singing her speech to the music of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, now that was unforeseen genius. And I can’t forget the moments, like the moment when your grandparents took the dance floor to celebrate, as your wedding day was also their 73rd wedding anniversary, simply perfect symmetry. I know your grandfather is dearly missed and I am so happy that this moment was lived so gloriously by all of you.
Katie and Dave, you are meant for each other, her silly to his serious. It was such a pleasure being part of your day.

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Monique Olive
February 4, 2015
wonderful moments! congrats!

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