By the time October 19th rolled around, I was well acquainted with rain, we had a lot this season. Good thing Laura and Dave didn’t let it stop them from smiling and laughing their way down the aisle. From the time we met until the end of the night, I experienced light hearted joy from them both. Madly in love, in for a good time and ready to commit whole heartedly to each other. It was simply a pleasure to be a part of Laura and Dave’s celebration.
Ladies, if you are looking for an amazing venue… The Manor in King City knows a thing or two, I was incredibly impressed with the ceremony and reception decor and lighting.
Apart from the lack of sunshine, the day was beautiful, the bride was stunning and the groom pretty handsome too. Laura and Dave’s wedding party was ready to roll their sleeves up and have fun, so we did!
Thanks so much for making me part of your day. Cheers to many years of wonderful memories ahead. xo